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What to expect from psychological intervention?
We all experience life’s difficulties at different times and can benefit from speaking with a professional psychologist. Psychologists provide the means to work at changing those things in our lives we feel need to be different in order to function more effectively.
People who visit a psychologist can expect discussions to focus on thoughts, feelings and behaviours that may be of concern, which will enable them to gain new perspectives and understanding.
Psychologists assist people to learn to think in new ways, see a wide range of alternatives and explore and practice different ways of behaving and coping with life stressors in order to improve well being, and their lives in general. Psychological tests may be part of the therapy process.
A psychologist’s major contribution is to help people function better, whatever their life or work situation maybe, and to prevent ill health and other problems developing.
How can I tell if its time to ask for help?
Changes in life, relationships, health and work may challenge our ability to cope or function to our full potential. Stressful life events and daily hassles in all areas of our life may lead to troubling emotions and behaviour.
Stress, panic, sadness, frustration, confusion, uncertainty, sleeplessness, irritability, feeling out of control, stuck or just lacking the motivation to make the needed changes are all common experiences.
From time to time we just can’t cope alone. Sometimes friends and family feel just as helpless when problems arise. Sometimes the people whom we love most or work with are part of the problem.
If things could be going better in your personal life or work, then accessing psychological services could assist you and/or your family.
Unlike psychiatrists, psychologists do not prescribe medication, but do understand that it may be helpful in overcoming some problems and are happy to work together with prescribing physicians (i.e. general practitioner, specialist or psychiatrist) to ensure the very best combination of treatments.
Therapeutic Approach
Kerri Pezos has an eclectic approach to therapy. This means that she tailors and adapts therapeutic theories and treatments according to the need of the client. Kerri recognises that often individuals have multiple, intertwined, barriers which need to be addressed. As such, Kerri undertakes interventions to manage potential interpersonal and or other barriers, including functioning in a clients psychosocial environment.
Kerri Pezos offers professional counselling for a variety of mental health issues in a supportive and confidential environment.
Costs and access:
Do I Have To Be Referred By A Doctor?
If you wish to claim a Medicare refund, you will need to see your doctor for a Mental Health Care Plan prior to making an appointment and provide that referral upon your initial appointment.
A referral is required for Motor Vehicle Accident and  WorkCover claims.
If you are wanting to use your private health cover or if you are a private fully paying client, you do not need a referral from your doctor.
Can I claim the cost on Medicare, Private Health Cover or Work Cover?
Psychological services are covered by most private health cover plans. Clients with private cover are entitled to a rebate of between 20% and 80% of the fee depending on the level of cover. It is recommended that you contact your insurer for details.
Clients deemed eligible by their General Practitioner may be able to access rebates through the public Medicare system, under a Mental Health Care Plan. Payment for services are payable in full upon the day of consultation. Consequently, it is recommended to call and discuss fees and gap payments prior to attending your first appointment. For further information regarding the cost of therapy and counselling services, please contact the clinic on 8244 4366 to discuss further.
Bulk billing may be considered on an individual basis to individuals under exceptional circumstances who have been referred under a Mental Health Care Plan and who hold a current Healthcare or Pension Card only.
For individuals on Work Cover or Motor Vehicle Commission, the participating insurance company will be charged for appropriate psychological servicing (referral required).
Psychological Services are available for anybody, and it is not necessary to obtain a medical referral, just ring 8244 4366 for more information and to make an appointment.
Please note that 24 hours notification of cancellation of appointments is required, otherwise a fee may apply. A fee is applicable for missed appointments with no notification.
If you are at risk of harming yourself or someone else, it is important that you get help immediately by speaking with your doctor, or calling Lifeline 13 11 14 or emergency services on 000 (triple zero). If a person is threatening to harm you please call the police on 000 (triple zero).
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